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    Caramel, vanilla and nutmeg. They’re the familiar, rich and warming notes of rum you can expect when enjoying our RumISH. Natural botanicals such as Madagascar vanilla and nutmeg along with baked apple create the lush, complex flavor of RumISH and a unique distillate using the shells from chili seeds to provide that satisfying heat we love.
    ISH - RumISH
    Lumette - LUMRUM
    Lyre's Dark Cane spirit is a unique non-alcoholic spirit that has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of elegant dark rum with distinct, contemporary flavors. Lyre's spirits don't just imitate, they have their own distinction as a premium soft drink. This spirit is meant to be savored in a mocktail like a Dark 'n Stormy, Mai Tai, and Cuba Libre.
    Lyre's - Dark Cane
    Lyre's White Cane Spirit is a unique non-alcoholic spirit inspired by fruity and tropical cane spirits. The palate offers notes of oak, sugar cane, marzipan, orange and coconut, with a lingering hint of pepper on the finish. Mix with lime, mint and a splash of sparkling water for a classic Mojito.
    Lyre's - White Cane
    This unfiltered and alcohol-free rum was created using the technologies of the distillery. Discover a refined product, with delicate flavors of molasses and a blend of homemade spices reminiscent of dark rum. Try it in a cocktail!
    NOROI - Esprit des caraîbes - Rum
    STRYKK NOT R*M blends sweet sugar cane and raisin notes with characteristic vanilla and oakwood tones to create a perfectly balanced non-alcoholic spiced rum alternative.
    Stryyk - Not R*M