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    8 products
    Do you miss the South? Flavors of mint, freshly squeezed lime juice and rum await you in this exquisite mojito. Discover the exhilarating flavors of this drink with fine bubbles, without risking losing your means.
    Atypique - Mojito
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    Discover Barrfly, a range of non-alcoholic, gluten-free and vegan cocktails. With only 60 calories and 25% less sugar than ready-to-drink Mojito-style alcoholic cocktails, our natural rum and soda flavored cocktail will please Mojito lovers with its natural passion fruit flavors !
    Barrfly - Passionfruit Mojito
    from $3.75
    It’s said that the best mint makes for the best mojito! That’s why we infuse our’s with exceptional quality spearmint and peppermint, real lime juice and dark rum aromas. We infuse our mocktail with 100% natural flavours to obtain the rhum notes you would recognize in an alcoholic mojito enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio! Enjoy!
    Clever Mocktail - Mojito
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    This delicately sparkling mocktail leaves nothing to chance. Everything is there, because each of its flavors has a role to play in achieving the pure balance of freshness and acidity that we know of. It’s the mojito flavor that kicks this drink off. Then, there are the familiar hints of lime, rum and mint. At the end of the mouth, a watermelon explodes on our taste buds. Boom. A touch of modernity to this timeless beverage.
    Encanette - Mojito Watermelon
    from $3.95
     Add a delicious sparkle to your celebrations! Alcohol-free sparkling wine made from de-alcoholised wine. Pale yellow colour with golden shimmers, offering lively notes of mint and lime. Long-lasting foam. Tangy in the mouth, fresh, with an excellent long finish
    Gratien & Meyer - Festillant - Sparkling Mojito
    A Mojito of rum, lime and muddled mint is the traditional Cuban cocktail. Our Highball Mojito uses Agave nectar for wonderful natural sweetness, combined with a delicious tangy citrus from the fresh lime, and a warm rum flavour for a long and sophisticated cocktail; positively alcohol free.
    Highball - Mojito
    from $4.45
    The Night Orient Mojito is originally a traditional cocktail of Cuban culture, made with rum, soda, lime and fresh mint leaves. Discover the alcohol-free interpretation of this classic for festive evenings!
    Night Orient - Sparkling - Mojito
    Discover the alcohol-free version of this mythical cocktail from the beaches of Havana, in a more fruity version! This mojito keeps its traditional touch of mint, while being accompanied by tasty notes of raspberries. You will feel like you have both feet in the sand, guaranteed.
    NOROI - Havana - Raspberries Mojito
    from $3.95