Chateau del ISH - Discovery Pack - 6 x 750ml
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4 x Sober Carpenter - IPA Bio
Sale price $9.95 Regular price $11.95 Save 17%
2 x - Red
Sale price $28.95 Regular price $39.95 Save 28%
4 x Hickson - Grapefruit Gin Tonic
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2 x Lyre's - Coffee Original - Coffee Liquor
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With more than 400 non-alcoholic Wine, Beer and Spirits, we are proud to be the Largest Alcohol-Free Store in Canada.

Gluten Free
Fungtn - Lion's Mane - IPA
from $4.95
Gluten Free
Fungtn - Reishi - Sour
from $4.95
Leitz Eins-Zwei - Zero Sparkling - Riesling
Leitz Eins-Zwei - Point Five - Pinot Noir
Odd Bird - Low intervention - White

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Take a look at our vast selection of curated non-alcoholic wine made from the world's best wine producers.

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Beer enthusiasts, welcome! With over 100 non-alcoholic beers, you get the chance to experience something new, or enjoy a classic.

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Non-alcoholic Rum, Gin, Vodka, Amaretto, Spritz and more. We've got everything you need to craft your own Mocktail.

From our customers

Upside Drinks has an unmatched collection of non alcoholic wine, no other site in Canada has the depth of products as them. If you’re looking for a great non alcoholic wine, you will find it here no matter what your style is!

Ontario, CA

Shipping was way quicker than I expected! Montreal to NYC in 2 days, how?!!

New-York, USA

I'm always on the lookout for a good craft alcohol free beer and Upside is always my go to. I feel like they introduce a new beer every week or so. Cheers guys!

Toronto, CA

I just started my sober journey a few months ago and I was looking for a marketplace where I could find great non-alcoholic products. Their staff are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks a lot for making it so smooth and easy.

Manitoba, CA

They have better prices and a cheaper minimum order to qualify for free shipping than the website I was ordering from before.

Québec, CA