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    9 products
    The color of a red beer, the smell of a red beer, the taste of a red beer, without alcohol. The Placebo Rousse offers some light fruit and caramelized notes with just enough bitterness.
    Barberie - Placebo - Red
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    2021: the robot named Perseverance is exploring Mars for signs of life. Isn’t that incredible? Innovating and persevering. This non-alcoholic red ale with flavours of light caramel and barley sugar proudly bears its name and perfectly reflects Bockale’s values
    Bockale - Perseverance - Red
    from $4.95
    Boreal - Hors Sentier - 12 variety Pack
    With a rich amber color, this Amber Ale offers notes of roasted malt, to which are added delicious caramelized notes. The perfect beer to enjoy anywhere!
    Boreal - Hors sentier - Amber
    from $4.95
    Brewed to emphasize their taste, this non-alcoholic red beer features delicious malt and hops notes thanks to a process that maximizes the expression of flavours. With its toasted malt presence and caramelized flavours, this amber ale offers a malty aspect that pleases the palate.
    Brasseurs du Monde - Star - Red
    from $5.95
    Generous and delicately hoppy, this red ale with copper highlights immediately seduces with the finesse of its malty bouquet, then with its fresh and fruity palate (citrus fruits, tropical fruits) tinged with a light and pleasant bitterness.
    Grande Allée - Funambule - Red
    from $4.95
    Amber beer with a noble character surprises with its originality. A slight bitterness gives way to a taste of spiced rum with vanilla accents that explodes in the mouth.
    Le Grimoire - La Vie de Château - Red ale
    from $6.95
    Non alcoholic beer Crafted with a blend of five malts, Partake Red Ale features rich notes of caramel, toasted bread and toasted almonds. Chestnut in color with warm cherry highlights and off-white head, it's light and refreshing with a lingering toasty flavor on the finish.
    Partake - Red
    from $3.95
    Brewed in the Irish style with Windsor yeasts, we first note the malty aromas of this full-bodied ALE. The barley results in subtle flavors of coffee and caramel.
    Sober Carpenter - Red ale - 4 Pack