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    8 items
    Discover the encounter between lychee and clementine in this fruity wheat beer. The Meteorite has a well-balanced trajectory and a light bitterness due to the clementine peel. Its bright colour will surely warm up the atmosphere.
    Bockale - Météorite - Blanche
    À partir de $4.95
    BSA - Blanche à l'orange
    À partir de $4.95
    Savor the wisdom with this ultra light and delicately hopped white. It will dazzle you with its freshness and pleasant citrus notes. It's the perfect companion for staying up late!
    La Voie Maltée - La Raisonnable - Wheat beer
    À partir de $5.94
    This extra light white reveals flavors of grapefruit, tangerine and coriander. It offers a slight acidity that will make your mouth water with each sip.
    Oshlag - Blanche
    À partir de $4.45
    Inspired by the Belgian witbier style, our wheat beer offers a perfect balance between notes of orange, coriander and wheat. This balance, combined with the richness in the mouth of this cloudy beer will please all beer lovers.
    Sober Carpenter - Bière blanche
    Brewed to emphasize their taste, this non-alcoholic wheat bear feature delicious malt and hops notes thanks to a process that maximizes the expression of flavours. This beer is infused with Labrador tea and fruits that makes it irresistible.
    Brasseurs du Monde - Peace - Tea-infused Wheat Beer
    À partir de $5.95
    The Joufflue offers incredible aromas of citrus and coriander.  Always round in the mouth and with a light bitterness.
    Archibald - La Joufflue
    À partir de $4.75
    Lagabière - Blanche - Ale
    À partir de $4.25