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    5 products
    Limited Edition
    Bazaar - WOW Vanilla Milkshake IPA
    from $6.95
    Limited Editon
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    Sober Carpenter - Limited Edition Black IPA
    from $3.95
    In the heavenly world of sweets, your palate is your best bud. The eccentric chef has been hard at work in our imaginary kitchen to bring this delectable nectar to life. This stout is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. Want in on this pastry party? Join us to come savour the beer of your dreams.
    Bazaar - Pastry Stout - Tiramisu
    from $6.95
    The color of a red beer, the smell of a red beer, the taste of a red beer, without alcohol. The Placebo Rousse offers some light fruit and caramelized notes with just enough bitterness.
    Barberie - Placebo - Red
    from $6.25
    A milkshape IPA with added lactose and vanilla pods to bring out extra richness and creamness.  Its smooth and creamy texture will remind you of a delectable vanilla milkshake or a new-york style cheeseecake.  An easy-drinking beer you'll definitly love to have on-the-go.
    2 Freres - Milkshake - IPA
    from $4.95